Posted by: ramblinrobert | April 7, 2010

Cast and crew

Now that I’m back home, I’m trying to catch up on a million things and also trying to get my photos in order so I can make a few posts about the trip itself. Given my penchant for taking pictures of people, that’s where I started my editing. I was lucky to get good photos of everyone, in fact TWO good photos of everyone on the trip, plus the naturalists and the captain. I like having multiple pictures of each person, as sometimes I was able to capture quite different sides of the same person.

In order, I have pictures of my fellow travelers, the two naturalists, the captain and most of the crew. Enjoy the portraits. I’ll get the iguanas and boobies up soon!

(Click on photos to see larger images.)



  1. People’ faces are interesting, aren`t they ?? You sure captured their personalities well. I think portraiture is your forte !

    • Thanks, Izzie.

  2. Wow you did a great job with your portraits, as well as other pictures of the Galapagos trip. Not sure how to get around your site, but I’ll keep trying. It was a fun trip, huh! Glad you returned safely to your blue-footed Izzy….Phyllis

    • Hi, Phyllis! Thanks.

      It’s easy to get around the site. The right-hand side has a section called “Recent posts” which is in reverse chronological order. Everything beginning with and above “A scientist’s pilgrimage” is related to our Galapagos trip. Or, below the “recent posts’ is a list of categories. One of those is for the Galapagos trip. Click that link and you’ll get a list of all the Galapagos posts. Right now there aren’t very many, but I’m working on the rest. I’ve been busy with getting my yard ready for a garden tour last weekend and working on my Master Gardener “final exam” this weekend. Soon there will be more Galapagos posts!

  3. Thanks for the replies. Yes, I see now how easy the site is. I spelled Izzie, “Izzy”, cuz’ that’s how my 11-year old granddaughter spells her Isabel nickname….I will get some blue nail polish for her!
    Good luck with the Master Gardener exam, Bob!

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