Posted by: ramblinrobert | June 28, 2008

A wet tradition for layover day

Tuesday was our layover day at Basin Creek. This gave people a chance to relax and do what they wanted. So, people took off for part of the day following their individual interests: hiking, rock collecting, reading, and swimming. But, among this trip’s traditions is a climb up to the waterfall. It’s actually the second waterfall, since there is one that drops down right to where the campsite was. This sounds like a long hike to get there, but it actually is only about a 100 yard trip up the canyon to the waterfall. What makes the trip interesting and fun is that it is not an easy 100 yard walk. The trip requires getting up over some rocks, along some other rocks and through some pools of water in the creek. The best way to do it is with some teamwork, with everyone helping everyone else. So, this became quite an adventure, occupying the group for a couple of hours. The waterfall at the end actually comes down through a rock tunnel, where the more adventuresome in the group worked their way around a rock corner into a little alcove. I would have done this, of course, but I was busy taking pictures. 🙂 I take my hat off to those who were willing, with our without assistance, to get around the corner and into the alcove. Maybe next year….

Following dinner we had a delightful round of jokes and music around the campfire. But, it was early to bed, knowing that we had to have an early start to beat the strong afternoon winds that whip through The Wind Tunnel, a narrower part of the river canyon just upstream from our next campsite.


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