Posted by: ramblinrobert | April 18, 2008

An Irish session in Scotland? (pictures added)

Tuesday night several of us piled into a couple of cabs and went to the Arlington, a pub. Our trip leader, Nadine, is a fiddler (among her many talents) and in previous trips had met some musicians who like to play Irish music. She met up with them at the pub, where they played and the rest of us listened to their Irish session of music. Irish session groupIt was an eclectic group: another fiddler, a banjo player, a mandolinist (who also played the border pipes (or maybe it was the small pipes, I forget)), a flutist and a drummer. I continue to learn about the pipes. It was only a year and a half ago I learned that what I thought of as bagpipes are the Highland or War Pipes. This is what most people think of as bagpipes. But there are many other kinds of pipes, including those mentioned above, which are smaller and can be played indoors without blasting out your ear drums. More about this later, when I get to today’s explorations in Edinburgh. I’m fortunate that on this trip is a woman from Ontario Canada who is learning to play the pipes, and she’s been teaching me about them.Pub ladies

The pub was fun. We all sampled the beer, then after a while one of the locals at the bar came over and brought samples of Scotch whisky. I started talking with her about Scotch (struggling to understand the Scottish accent) and ended up meeting four other people at the bar. After last call, we all piled back into cabs and headed back to the hotel. It was a busy first day.


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