Posted by: ramblinrobert | April 14, 2008

Coffee in the morning (photos added)

I’m at the little cafe downstairs from the hostel, satisfying a craving for a cup of hot coffee and taking a few minutes to write before heading out for the day. Yesterday was a day for the buses (bought a day pass for £3) and trying to find a couple of gardens I’d found online before leaving home. Couldn’t find anything at one location, but still had a nice bus ride to and a walk thru a nice suburban area northwest of central Glasgow. I have yet to see a single-family dwelling. The homes here, even in this nice suburb with tree-lined streets and well-kept yards, are all duplexes and four-plexes.

The other garden lived up to its name, Hidden Garden, but I did eventually find it. It’s in a run-down but redeveloping industrial area south of central Glasgow, part of the Tramway project. This is an old tram car barn (similar to the electric trolley barn at Rio Vista Junction along Highway 12, if you know of it), except the trams no longer run so the building has been rebuilt as an arts venue, with gallery space, performance space, a cafe and behind it all, a beautiful urban garden. Tramway gardenIt’s an oasis, a refuge for people who live there and for visitors. One clever thing was a well-hidden Library of Native Trees, or Xyleteque (or something like that). This was a library of wooden “books” that you could pull out from under a bench and open up to see samples of wood from Scotland’s native trees. I was hoping to find food being grown in this urban setting, but all I found was a few espaliered fruit trees. All the beds were ornamentals.

Today I think I’ll head up to the botanical gardens, then take the underground into the city and walk back along the River Clyde to the SECC, the Scottish Entertainment and Conference Center, then walk across a footbridge to the Glasgow Science Center. On my way back I’ll visit the Transport Museum and the Kelvin Grove Art Museum. Tonight, I meet up with the tour group in a nearby small hotel (where I’ll be staying with the group tomorrow night) for dinner, then we’re off for our two-week intensive tour in the morning.

I’ve added a link in the blogroll (right hand column) of a fellow I roomed with here in Glasgow. He also calls himself a ramber, and is off for a long around-the-world journey to promote a group called Street Kids. Check out his blog. He’s more high-tech than me, using audio clips instead of writing, and he’s a talented photographer besides.



  1. Good luck with your travels and enjoy Glasgow. Thankyou for adding the link to my RamblingRat podcast site. from your room mate in YHA Glasgow.
    Tim Dennis

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