Posted by: ramblinrobert | April 12, 2008

Gratitude attitude

First aid kit? Check. Sewing kit? Check. Passport, credit card, debit card, drivers license? Check, check, check and check. Books returned to library? Check. All gels and liquids in 3 oz. bottles or smaller, pre-packed into a one quart ziploc bag? Check. Taxes mailed? Check. Car registration and insurance payments mailed? Check. New book and music loaded onto MP3 player? Check. Camera batteries charged and put into camera? Check. Figured out how to upload photos directly from camera to computer? Check? (“Necessary” so I can upload photos for this blog while on the road!) Cutco knives (37 years old, never been professionally sharpened) packed and mailed back to factory for sharpening while I’m away? Check. Seeds planted so they’ll be ready for transplant when I return? Check. Dying plants in pots transplanted into yard? Check. Trip paperwork organized and packed? Check. Scottish music CDs burned for playing on tour bus? Check. Dishes washed and put away? Check.

Such was my last week, mostly my last night, before leaving. Now it’s all done but the waiting. In just a few hours I will be on my way, excited to be exploring a new place, meeting new people and getting a taste of a different culture with a different (and much longer) history than my own country. I am so grateful to be going, partly for the going and partly for the friends and family who have been so supportive and encouraging for me as I’ve prepared for the trip. I am a fortunate man.



  1. Dear Bob,
    It made me travel-weary, just reading the check off list!! Now the fun begins!!! I will be checking the blog faithfully, and hope there is a little time to let us know how the trip is progressing.
    Is that bagpipes I hear in the background??
    Love, Tule Sis

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