Posted by: ramblinrobert | April 10, 2008

All my bag is packed, I’m ready to go…lightly

I had to face it: My last trip abroad, to Costa Rica, was a packing disaster. I can blame it on the natural history class I was taking–the soil tester, the knee-high rubber boots, the well-loved-but-not-travel-friendly camera. They were all necessary for the class.

Right. Whatever excuse I make, the truth is that on that trip I stumbled my way into SFO overloaded with three bags, including a giant duffel. I vowed to never, ever, take so much stuff again. I had to learn to travel light. So, I became a Rick Steves disciple, with help from SF Chronicle travel writer John Flinn and my tour leader Nadine. I managed to put together a very functional wardrobe (all new, with travel friendly, mostly quick-drying (yea!) lightweight (yea!) artificial fibers (yuck!)), my first pair of high quality and expensive walking shoes, a nice selection of useful gadgets and supplies for everyday and emergency use, plus my travel books and documents. My new, well-designed, Rick Steves travel pack is all packed up and ready to go, weighing in at 22 pounds. One person said “Don’t carry anything you can’t run with.” I think I’ve learned to travel light, by that standard. This trip I expect to stroll into SFO … and Glasgow, and Aberdeen, and Orkney, and Ft. William and Edinburgh.


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