Posted by: ramblinrobert | March 21, 2008

Why this particular tour?

If you slogged thru my “Why Scotland?” post, you know I have interests in eating and growing food, music and weaving. So, imagine my delight when Jan, the wife of a childhood friend, forwarded me an email about a trip to Scotland that focuses on weaving, music and food. Jan was on the trip last year. Nadine, the woman who leads the trip, is from a mid-west farm background, sings and weaves. In fact, for professional purposes, she bills herself as the Singing Weaver. Although I don’t expect my future trips to be tours, this particular one offers the chance to get my feet wet with European travel while exploring three major interests. I couldn’t resist.



  1. HI BOB!
    All day, I have been thinking of you; wondering if you had landed in Scotland yet!! I wished I had sent another email to you prior to departure, but this blog is even better.
    Just know we are thinking of you, and hoping every minute is unique!!!
    I think your blog is great!! Love, Tule Sis

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