Posted by: ramblinrobert | February 22, 2008

What happened at the ceilidh, anyway?

I would have loved the ceilidh for the highland pipes alone. San Francisco’s Stewart Tartan Pipe & Drum Band piped and drummed their way in and out of the hall several times. There was a drummers-only piece and a couple solo pipe pieces. The last piece of the evening was a favorite, Amazing Grace, played on a set of pipes I’ve never seen before. They were smaller and quieter than the traditional war pipes. All in all, a bagpipe lover’s good time.

But, there was more. The local community has a Scottish connection somewhere in its history (the high school students are known as The Highlanders) and an active evening adult school program of piping and dancing lessons. So, we had several highland dances performed by the local class members. And, finally, we had Scottish and Irish country dancing. So, I got out on the floor with a couple dozen others and had a good time dancing.

The culinary treat for the evening was a big pot of haggis, considered by some to be Scotland’s national dish. Sort of a spicy meat loaf made from various parts of a sheep, it was delicious. After the ceilidh I complemented the cook on her dish and ended up taking home a big dish of it. I look forward to trying haggis in Scotland itself. I understand that there is no standard recipe, that everyone cooks it differently, so I look forward to tasting my way around Scotland.



  1. Hey Bob…. You actually ate haggis? What are you, some kind of a tourist? Hey man, that takes real guts”….. he said sheepishly.

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